French & English Bulldogs

about us

Welcome to the home of Thalmache Kennels.

We bought our first of many bulldogs in 2008 and registered our kennel with Kusa on the 14 August 2009. We are a small kennel that love and care for all our dogs and puppies. I have a very unique bond with each and every dog that i own and all of them are loved and cared for by myself and when time permits the family joins in and help where they can.
My husband made me fall in love with bulldogs and i have not looked back once. The journey wasn’t always easy as many bulldog breeders can vouch but it was worth it to hang tight. In 2012 i got my first frenchies and how they have brought so much joy to our family is incredible. With their clownish personality they will brighten anyone’s day in an instant.

We invite each and everyone that share the love for bulldogs and frenchies to join in on the magic.

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